Saturday, 23 July 2011

Quick Update...


For the past few days I've had a pretty hectic time which explains the noticeable absence of anything new on here for this week.

I'm off on my holidays tomorrow night which will again leave The Beauty Spark a little bit lonely...BUT I'll be taking lots of lovely pictures etc whilst I'm relaxing so will have lots of lovely things to share with you on my return. If I have time I might schedule some posts for you all to enjoy but that's going to be time dependent I'm afraid!

Just so this doesn't feel like a completely redundant post, I'll throw in a little In & Out post to fill you in on some bits & pieces.


- Holidays...Obviously. I fly out on Sunday night for a lovely week long sun break in Greece, it's just me and my best pal on a girly getaway. I actually cannot wait.
- Being ahead of the game: If you don't already know I'm trying to write my Masters Thesis at the moment which takes up a lot of my free time, between, that, work and actually trying to have a life it gets a bit complicated. BUT I've managed to push myself to get a big part of it done before I jet off, so now it's a guilt free holiday all around!
- Shorts: I can't get enough of them at the moment, my latest purchase was a criminally short denim pair from topshop which will probably only see the light of day in Greece without a pair of tights.


- I tweeted about this earlier but I woke up this morning with the biggest bite/spot/sting/cyst I have ever seen on my chin. It's made my entire chin go really hard and tight and it hurts! I'm currently sat here with some crushed up aspirin on it to try and combat some of the's a glamorous life.
- Luggage Allowance...I have to try and get my suitcase under 15kg. The case itself weighs 5kg...hello excess baggage charges.
- Pre-Holiday stress...Passports/Insurance/Money/Packing/The Journey blahhh just transport me to the beach and stick a cocktail in my hand!

Have a brilliant week,

Laura xxx

I shall be dancing on the beach to this...just FYI.

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