Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Prime for your Life...

They say behind every good foundation lies a good primer...well, I for one, have never subscribed to that school of thought.

I always presumed that primers were a bit of an unessesary step, developed by cosmetic companies to squeeze a few more pennies out of us. I will admit, I've had several brief affairs with primers (Smashbox Photofinish, L'Oreal Studio Secrets) and have never been left with the sense that I need this in my routine.

Therefore, when this primer by Arbonne dropped through my letterbox, I didn't hold much hope for the little black bottle, but I have to say, I'm actually remembering to use it, and it's a lovely little product.

A few points to consider:

This is a silky primer, it applies with cloud like smoothness. This can only mean one thing, stay clear of this is you have even the slightest aversion to silicone as this is packed full of the stuff, it definately prescribed to the Smashbox school of thought, in fact the two products are very similar.

The primer claims to dimish the appearance of fine lines and pores, and I will give it that, it does reduce the appearance of some of the larger pores around my nose and makes foundation glide over, rather than magnifying these areas.

In terms of pricing, £25.00 for 30ml puts it slightly cheaper than Smashbox, yet If you suffer from really oily skin, that might not be the best option.

Overall, if you're looking to try something a bit different, I'd give this a go, it certainly suprised me. But, I do still believe that it's a luxury step, and if you don't miss it, don't do it!

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Laura xx

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