Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Birthday Bumps

I'm rushed off my feet today but I just couldn't let today pass by without celebrating 'The Beauty Spark's' 2nd Birthday!

Birthday Speech...

 I remember sitting on my bed, writing my first review (If you want to take a look, click's embarrassing...) and really not sure what I was getting myself in to.
I'm so glad I decided to dive into the world of beauty blogging as i've met some lovely people and been given some amazing opportunities and most of all I am incredibly proud of my little space on the internet.

Just to throw the cliche meter off the scale...

I'm SO grateful for EVERYONE who takes the time to read or comment. You may hear people say that they just write for themselves, but believe me, knowing that you're appreciated and interacting with other passionate people makes this all worthwhile.

Thank you so much!

Over & Out

Laura x

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