Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bikini Blitz: Final Week Holiday Countdown...

Even though my normal gym and eating regime are generally healthy, after realising I go on holiday in TEN DAYS, some extra steps have been added to my regime to make sure I'm as 'bikini ready' as I'll ever be!


Yes Ladies, I'm afraid no lotion or potion is ever going to be a good enough subsitute for exercise, sad but true...

On top of my regular regime at the gym, I've added some additional excercise to help firm up any areas I need to.

- I've been doing my usual arms exercises whilst doing squats on a vibrostation and have really noticed the difference. To the unintiated the vibrostation (also known as a powerplate) causes the muscles to contract about 35-40 times a second, making every excercise you do work a little bit harder. I tend to do squats whilst i'm doing fly and press arm exercises then holding squats on the station for 30 seconds, trust me, i'm not the expert though, I do what i'm told!

- An amazing one for the lower ab area is a reverse crunch, it hurts but it really does kick your lower ab muscles into shape, to see what i'm talking about, have a look at this great video here.


- To quote TOWIE for one carbs before marbs! I don't agree with cutting carbs out long term, but the prospect of baring all in a bikini has seen me clear the bread bin for the forseeable. It's all about fish, salad, vegetables and lean meats until I hit that beach!

- In addition to this, I'm ditching the Diet Coke completely until I jet off and replacing it with Green Tea. I try to drink as much Green Tea as possible but lately i've strayed right back into the arms of the dreaded 'DC', Green Tea is a brilliant anti-toxident and will hopefully reduce any bloating and give me clearer skin for holiday time!


- Tanning: I'm cracking out the St Moriz religiously and I'm not sorry one bit!
- Exfoliate: Exfoliating Gloves & a good scrub (I'm using Origins Incredible Spreadable) will not only give you smooth lovely skin but improve circulation as well if you do it properly, leaving you with a more even tones legs/arms etc. 
- Bikini Wax...Ahem.
- Moisturise: A lovely rich moisturiser will banish any dry bits and plump up your skin, again improving appearance...what's not to love! I'm using Aveeno Daily Moisturiser at the moment, it's not fancy but it does the job. 

Comment Question:

What are you doing to get bikini ready?
Any last minute tips you swear by?!

Laura x

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