Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday In & Out...

Salut mon belles filles,

I hope you've all had a spiffing weekend, mine went by in the blink of an eye...le sigh.

Anyway, down to business.


Big Waves: I think I've finally mastered the mythical big and bouncy hair, and I like it...have a peek at my efforts here.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: I got this scent last year and I wasn't blown away by it but it's become a real favourite over the past few weeks. A bit more of sophisticated scent perhaps?!

Laura is Back: This news actually made my weekend, go and check out

YouTube: I'm actually really enjoying it at the moment, i've even roped in my sister!


Delayed Summer: Where is the sunshine, did it not get the memo, it's June!

Single Beds...: Go with me on this one, the room i'm staying in during the week has single beds...I have nearly fell out of it la kingsize! x

Right, that's it for now, have a brilliant week!

Laura x

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