Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Jury Is Out...

A few weeks ago during a particularly wet, boring lunch break, I found myself in the CCO that just so happens to be perilously close to the office...I went in for a browse, I came out with Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation.

Now that I've filled you in on the gripping back story, I shall begin.

This may strike you as an odd review, but in all honesty, I really don't know whether I like this product, or absolutely loath it.

I've always been put off trying Double Wear simply because I don't need such high coverage foundation and I've heard plenty of gripes about how tricky it is to apply. This for me, is where this foundation falls down as well. This may be the Double Wear Light, but I still cannot work out the best method of application!

I've tried:

Flat Foundation Brush
Duo Fibre Brushes (MAC 187/130)
Round Top Kabuki

Nothing seems to give me flawless application, it just sits on the skin and looks too obvious.

(Intensity 1.0)

Blended Out...


I do find that the lasting power of this is wonderful, it requires a tiny amount of powder to set and doesn't budge all day (7:30am - 6pm). That's pretty good going.

If I can just solve the application issue, I could really grow to love this foundation.

Any suggestions!!

(RRP £25.50 - If you can get to a CCO they have them for £18.00 at the moment)

Laura x


Mixing with a little strobe cream gives a much slicker application!



  1. what are you applying before the foundation? I used to wear this foundation and loved it, you're right though you need to find the best way to apply it. Check out
    his makeup tips are incredible and he's doing a series on applying foundation at the moment hope it helps xx

  2. Great post...I've been in two minds on if I should buy this foundation but I think I might just hold off a bit longer. Love your blog. xxx

  3. @Rebbeca I love Goss! I think it's the formula of the foundation I'm not getting along with, it's quite a gel consistancy and I don't tend to get along with them. I usually just apply over moisturiser but have been trying a primer for review. I think I might mix it with some strobe cream and see how I get on! L x

  4. Just a tip - try using a quarter of what you're using for your whole face. Build it up very slowly & make sure it still looks like 'skin' at each stage. If it still feels strange, spray with Fix+ to give it more 'life' :)

    hope this helped! xox

  5. @Lorin Hi Lorin, I've found it to work much better when mixing with some strobe cream, thanks for the tip though! x


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