Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blogs of the Month...

I've been really enjoying the following ladies this month and I'm all about sharing the love!

The Long Time Favourite:

I've been a fan of this wonderful blog for a long time, if honest product reviews and impeccable skin are your bag, you'll love this one!

Twitter: @thebeautybite

On The Radar:

A recent discovery but a new favourite, meg brings a brilliant mix of fashion & beauty to the blogging table, one to watch!

Twitter: @madeinacup

YouTube Favourite:

I only discovered Barbara's videos this week but I've been hooked! Hands down my recommendation for this month!

Who have you been loving this month?

Laura xx


  1. Totally agree on "Thepersianbabe" that girl is so refreshing to watch! :)

  2. Yepp 'thepersianbabe' is amazingg! Great post xxx


  3. Great post Laura, I loved all of these and followed/subscribed. I don't often come across blogs I absolutely love but these are great! Thanks x


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