Monday, 25 April 2011

The Sudocrem Test

If I say Sudocrem to you, I can imagine that babies bottoms come to mind. Personally, just a whiff of the stuff sends me into a nostalgic tailspin, but who knew such an unassuming product could have so many tricks up it's sleeve?

After scraping the last remnants of my latest night cream out of the tub a few weeks ago I decided before splashing out on another "wonder cream" for my face, I'd give the old Sudocream a go. With celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Amanda Holden swearing by the stuff, I didn't have much to lose!

Firstly, this stuff is under £3 for 125g of product, I was more than willing to take a risk. Granted it's not one for your vanity, but I strived ahead with hope in my heart. After all, Oilatum is currently working wonders for my skin, so who says another cheap and cheerful product couldn't do the same??

I've been applying a thin layer to my face at night and applying an extra layer under my eyes and forehead.

It may be the sun, it may be the Sudocrem working it's magic, but my skin is looking the best it has in ages, i'm spot free, smooth skinned and I love it. Maybe some of the baby bottom magic has rubbed off!

If you look at the ingredients it's easy to see why it's been a long time beauty secret of those in the know, Zinc Oxide is a key player in battling spots, Lanolin to sooth the skin, I'll take some more please waiter!

There have been reports that the Benzyl Alcohol in the product can dry the skin out, but as I have more normal/dry skin I haven't had this problem.

I'm beginning to think, the simpler the better with skin care...

Laura xx


  1. I've been using Sudocrem on my acne-prone skin for years and I have to say I absolutely swear by it. It's the only thing I've ever found that after one use makes my spots look immediately better. I love the stuff! Great post :) xx

  2. I've heard lots about people using this and I think it's about time I tried it on my skin! I'm also hoping to try the Oilatum when my current moisturiser runs out :) xx

  3. @Caz I've nearly used up the first tube I bought and I'm definately going to pick up a second, that's really rare for me as I'm a bit of skincare junkie! x

  4. i use this on everything me my daughter my cays you name it cuts, sun burn, we call it the magic cream lol

  5. I love sudocrem! i find it really helps my skin out when i'm having a breakout, and so cheap too!


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