Friday, 29 April 2011

New Foundation Quest...

As my trusty MUFE gasps it's final laboured breath, I've decided to branch out and try a new light foundation for daytime, I went to Birmingham yesterday for some light retail therapy and ended up getting colour matched in two foundations: MAC Face & Body and Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere.

I must say, I'm not sure why the Chanel foundation is being hyped so much, it felt nice, the coverage was light and it did the job, but I certainly won't be parting with the £31.50 price tag it commands...

Instead I left with a sample of MAC Face & Body in N2, and so far I like it. Truth be told, I would have bought it then and there if the customer service in the shop hadn't be so spectacularly bad...but don't we almost expect that from MAC now?

I've got MAC F&B on today, and I do think it's lovely, light foundation and it suits my normal/dry skin down to the £23.50 for 120ml, I'm more than happy to part with my cash as well...

Serious faces all around today!!

A Ridiculous Photograph to Balance Proceedings...

Hope you've all had a fantastic Royal Wedding day, I'm off to sweat off the champagne breakfast I scoffed this morning in the gym!!

Laura xxx


  1. I totally here you on MAC customer service! I never find them truly helpful, just pushy sales people! Love the funny face!

    Hey I have a beauty blog too!

    Hope you check it out!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. im in dire need of a new foundation myself so might check this out given the price and the amount you get!

    i've only encountered one rude mac person, you should shop in manchester :)



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