Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Different Look Inside My Handbag...

Being involved in the beauty blogging game, I'm sure I've seen the inside of many handbags. But yesterday I contents of my bad were taken to a whole new level when I had a handbag 'reading'.

After raving about the joys of Sudocrem below, their 'people' got in touch to let me know about a few things...firstly, the wonder cream is now available in tube form, which believe me looks a whole lot more attractive than a sexy grey tub on your dressing table.

The simple omission of "Napkin Rash, Eczema, Bed Sores" from the packaging is a marked improvement...

But, enough about that, you'd much rather hear about the exciting part...(and at the risk of turning the blog this week into a sudocrem fest...)

Sudocrem teamed up with a leading "Bagologist" to dissect the contents of your bag and tell you a little bit about your life and personality.

I'm a bit of a sucker for anything like this so of course I gave it a go!!

You just take a snap of your current handbag contents and Debbie works here magic...

This is what she had to say...

Laura I fear I am going to say some rather obvious things – but I can only read what I see so here goes! Your bag is calling out for balance! It seems things are a bit ‘topsy turvy’ – just as you like it! But maybe there is an easier way ...(some of the time)! At the moment, in particular it seems something is alluding you – there is something you can’t get your head around (or someone!). I think you are looking in the wrong place. It feels as though the more you try to see and perceive the less clear things could be. Break things down into smaller pieces, and take them one at a time, rather than as a whole. You seem to be a lady who needs to make decisions – procrastination won’t suit you in the long run! You like a sense of movement but progression is just as important now especially in helping you to achieve more balance. Tap into people who share the same values, interests or ideals as you to get a sense of their source of power in life. I think your power is spread a little thin or maybe you aren’t sure of what your stand out strengths and talents are. One thing for sure you are not someone who suits routine. Uniformity will be a word you dislike! Repetition will be totally monotonous for you and is to be avoided. Back to the need to be progressing I sense you are someone who does well when you know where you are heading (going in life). Be intuitive and follow your gut, head or heart – they will all serve you well. Your bag is suggesting that your head is full of creative ideas. What is your plan for letting them out? In amongst the fun and rough and tumble of your bag your carefree ways should not be read into too much. For the flip side of you includes a lady who is deeply loyal and committed to people, things, causes of importance and who is capable of feeling deep compassion for others. Don’t shield yourself behind these qualities – remember you will need and deserve loyalty and commitment back and a dose of understanding now and again. Have fun putting your bits and bobs back into your bag – and keep in touch!
Some of what Debbie picked up was suprisingly accurate at the moment, all that from the humble contents of my handbag!

If you want to give it a whirl too (I would, it's marvelous fun!) just click HERE and post a photo of your contents on the wall, she'll be picking three people daily to read until the 10th May.

So, What Does Your Bag Say About You??

Laura xx

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