Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Run Baby Run

It was requested that I let you all know what's on my gym playlist so here we are!

I must say before I launch into what I listen to that you should just listen to whatever gets you going, gym music is a very personal thing and what might get some people pumped up will leave others flat.


Missy Elliot: I'm Really Hot

I love a bit of Missy Elliot whilst I'm working out as they have a really good beat.

Lupe Fiasco: Superstar

I've been jogging along to this a lot recently, It's just a really happy song!

Robyn: Dancing On My Own

I'm am actually a bit obsessed at the moment!

Ellie Goulding: Lights

This whole album has been played to death in the gym...

Shy FX: Shake Your Body

The perfect remedy for when I'm flagging...and oldie but a goodie!

Other Suggestions...

I'd really recommend any of the Fabric Albums and check out the Ministry of Sound compilations too.

Never underestimate the power of your iTunes Genius as it's put together some wicked playlists for me in the past!

What Do YOU Suggest??

I'd love to know if you've got a favourite gym playlist or album that really motivates you.

Laura xxx


  1. Witness the Fitness by Roots Manuva, the Rocky theme tune or basically any angry rap song does it for me in the gym, I'm obviously an aggressive worker-outer!

  2. Great choice of songs!! I really need to sort out my playlist, I'm so lazy! x

  3. i like listening to stuff like pendulum, the prodigy and hadouken while at the gym, oh and bon jovi (clearly into the gee'd up music and air grabs on my rare moments on the exercise bike...) xx

  4. this song Missy Elliot is cool !!!


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