Saturday, 5 March 2011

Product of the Day: MAC Calm Mode Tinted Lip Conditioner

I'd given up all hope of ever having this beauty when MAC (stupidly/bizarrely/inexplicably) decided not to include this in the European release of Cham-Pale...


Seanna was an absolute STAR and picked me one up from Duty Free!

It's a delicious pinkish nude infused with lavender = AMAZING!

I haven't used anything else on my lips since my parcel arrived.

This might actually be one to back up at all costs...

Laura xxx


  1. i saw a post that said these should be in most ccos now

  2. thats lovely i saw a post too on Holly/Yummy mummys beauty blog yesterday about it been at most CCOs now like the above comment says cos i thought ooh that sounds great and then saw your post that other post was this


  3. It looks great, I love the tinted lip conditioners but the colour of calm mode is so gorgeous!


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