Monday, 7 March 2011


I may have popped into MAC...

I've had my beady eye on the new Creamblend Blushes as they've reformulated them and bought out a few new shades. I went for So Sweet, So Easy. I've never been tempted by this shade before but in the flesh it really is lovely!

I also picked up Harmony Blush as I wanted a contour colour that wasn't too orange as it can look strange on my skin tone. This is a really nice contour colour for those of us lacking in sunshine on our skin!

(l-r So Sweet, So Easy. Harmony)

Both of these retail for £17.00 xx


  1. so sweet looks lovely. might have to take a closer look at this. :)

  2. So sweet so easy looks super pretty. I'm glad they've re-released it and will definitely be swatching it next time I go shopping x


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