Friday, 11 February 2011

Sleek Blush: First Impressions

I actually jumped for joy when my long awaited package from Sleek arrived yesterday, it's been a long and annoying road but I'm just glad it's sorted out now!!


(l-r 936 Pixie Pink & 937 Flamingo) 

I actually really like the packaging, it's sturdy and chic but easy to store and transport and mirror is always a bonus in my book. 

Pixie Pink

This is a fiercely pigmented cool toned neon pink, it's completely matte but also blends well onto the skin. Warning though, use SPARINGLY...the aunt sally look just doesn't cut it.


A warmer pink shot through with subtle shimmer, this would look divine used with a little peach toned highlight. Another one to use with a light hand, you want a flush of colour, not to look like you've just run a marathon.

Obligatory Swatch

(l-r Pixie Pink & Flamingo)

These retail at £4.29 each, amazing value for a good quality product.

Laura xxx


  1. Flamingo looks gorgeous.. The only Sleek blush I have is Rose Gold but I totally love it! x

  2. @Laura I meant to order rose gold instead of pixie pink but I'm an idiot haha xx

  3. wow they're really pigmented!

  4. I love the look of Flamingo and Rose Gold, but I can never find rose gold in store, so i will have to buy online! I'm not loving that new one by sleek for valentines day, i'm not sure how i could get completely red blush to work for me! x


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