Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Product of the Day: MAC By Candlelight MSF

Despite MSF's being some of most gorgeous looking make up I own, they often get overlooked or forgotten about...I find myself thinking "if only I had a highlight in a bit like that" then remember I do in the form of my beautiful MSF's!

I've been making a conscious effort to reach for them for the past few days and remembered why 'By Candlelight' is so stunning...

It's the perfect champagne highlight for a paler skintone...

As the light here is appalling right now I just cannot get it to show up on my face, but fear not, I'm sure it'll be appearing in on here soon!

Laura xx


  1. Awh that looks gorgeous, such a perfect highlight!! I wish i had this x

  2. this is my fave highlight :)
    gutted mine is shattered into pieces as i dropped it, hoping they will re-release this at some point! x

  3. It looks like such a nice highlight colour! I've heard so many good reviews and am really hoping they'll re-release it in another collection soon x


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