Sunday, 20 February 2011

Latest Obsession: Bedazzled Lips.

Perhaps not one for the everyday wearable side of make up but stunning all the same...

You might have also spotted this trend on hot new singer Jessie J...

Not one for everybody, but it really is stunning to look at.

If you did want to channel the trend, why not go a bit more subtle and press a colour glitter onto a lipgloss or lip mix, similar to the third photo down.

All of these photographs were sources from an AMAZING site for inspiration and ideas.
Laura xx


  1. I'd love bedazzled lips, I just don't see anyway I would be able to carry it off. I'm just a sucker for the sparkle!

    Sarah x

  2. beautiful lips - i'm the same as sarah , i love the look of them but doubt i'd carry them off. ah well...

    love your blog btw :)


  3. >< I feel bad for being the first dissenter! I actually don't like them. They remind me of the old Revlon product for making "tattoos" on your lips.


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