Monday, 7 February 2011

In & Out Monday


- less heat: I've been trying not to go too crazy with the straighteners this week and I actually like my hair a lot more when I haven't straightened the hell out of it, it's a lot more full and bouncy.
- Trash Television: I'm talking Jersey Shore, Snog Marry Avoid, MBFGW...It's a guilty pleasure that I'm more than happy to indulge! I do the Snooki intro dance without fail everytime I hear the JS theme song...just me??

- Comfortable heels: I've bought few pairs recently that are a dream to walk in, the shoe boot or wedge are seriously the way to go.
- Eyeliner: I went through a phase of not lining my eyes and I'm well and truly back in the eyeliner gang now, I've been using my MAC Fluidline on my bottom waterline and the staying power is amazing, why didn't I do this before!?


- Back on the research bandwagon...I feel a bit like a hamster on a research wheel at the moment!
If you want to help me out by sparing 30 seconds to fill out this tiny survey I'd appreciate it so much!!

- The Wind: I know it's ridiculous to be annoyed at wind but it's been beating against my windows for about a week now and it's playing havoc with my barnet, go away??
- False Nails: After having my acrylics off about 3 months ago, my nails are finally back to their former glory, strong and ridge free! I'd happily stick on some falsies if it was a special occasion but I'm done with nail wrecking acrylics for good!

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I hope you're all having a good Monday and here's to a good week all around!

Laura xxx


  1. I think I must be the only person never to have seen Jersey Shore lol! However I am loving MBFGW lol! I done your survey for you there...hope it helps

    Seanna xx

  2. With you on the wind, am fed up of beautifully just blow-dried hair sticking onto my chuffing lipgloss!


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