Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Curly Girl

As we teeter on the edge of Spring/Summer the time has come again when predictions are made in the fashion crystal ball as to what we'll be rocking in a few months time.

Fashion appears to have tempestuous relationship with curls, they're either embraced or ironed out of the seasons trends...literally.

Umberto Giannini's stylist Paul Gooch has put his money on classic waves being big this season and as a girl with a love hate relationship with my own curls I was eager to see if two UG products could make me embrace the curl...

L-R Curl Friends Silky Curls Smoothing Balm & Hold Me Curl Hairspray

Now I will admit I couldn't go the whole nine yards a la Rihanna:

But I did add a little curl into my life...

After blowdrying and curling with tongs I used a small amount of the Smoothing Balm through my curls to smooth any frizz and separate.

Next I spritzed the whole thing Hold Me Curl Hairspray...

The Verdict

I really do like these two little products, the smell is divine and you can't ever say no to hot pink packaging!
I will say out of the two products I do prefer the hairspray as it really did hold my curls in all day and kept any frizz away.

Smoothing Balm: RRP £4.99
Hold Me Curls Hairspray: RRP £4.99

Laura xxx


  1. Your hair looks lovely with the curls :)
    I have the smoothing balm and I like it. I've been trying to step away from the straighteners and the balm define my curls quite well. The spray sounds great for holding curls, I will have to try it out :)

  2. curly hair yayyy!!
    looks nice on you doll,
    you look gorg - you should so do it more often :) xxx
    come to the curly side muahahaha haha x


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