Thursday, 17 February 2011

Beauty Spark 101: How To Clean Your Brushes.

Sometimes It's good to get back to basics and it's also easy to assume everybody already knows what they're doing so I'm going to share with you how I take care of my brushes, as everybody should know how important it is to keep your brushes clean!


Take some dirty brushes...

You'll Need:

Johnson's Baby Shampoo
A Clean Flannel
 A Sponge


Soak your sponge thoroughly with warm water and damp the bristles of your brush with warm water as well. Always hold your brush with the bristles pointing downwards as you don't want any water getting into the handle as this will damage the brush.
Put a small spot of baby shampoo on the sponge and move the brush along the sponge in a straight line.

You should start to see any dirt and make up coming off the brush and onto the sponge.


Rinse the brush carefully under warm water (always pointing it down!) and the put it to dry.
I take a towel and roll one end into a small sausage to make a ledge to rest the brush on so it will dry without letting any moisture into the furrules (the metal part!)

Leave Overnight to Dry!


If you use your brushes for foundation/concealer or cream products you may find it hard to remove all of the product with just baby shampoo and water...

Simply put a tiny amount of olive oil on a plate and gentle move the brush around in it...

You should start to see product coming away from the brush, magic!

Simply follow with Step 1 & 2 afterwards

In the morning you should have clean, lovely brushes!

Laura xx

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  1. Thanks for this - I never clean my brushes properly!!! xx


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