Friday, 28 January 2011

Where The Magic Happens...

Welcome to The Beauty Spark HQ!

It's not perfect but it works quite well.

I've managed to sort most of my "collection" into the drawers to the left of my desk, yet it's spilling over onto the top and invading valuable work space!!

It's quite tricky trying to work from the same space you do make up etc and in an ideal world I'd have it all on a different dressing table but I can't complain.

I picked the desk up from an antiques market for about £20 last summer with ideas of stripping and painting it but life got in the way, it does go well with my Narnia wardrobe though!

If you're wondering about my chair I'm waiting on a new office chair as it's on order so i'm using a very uncomfortable kitchen chair...blurgh.

I'm also currently burning a gorgeous vanilla candle and just about to start on a massive Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle which I snapped up for £7 in a sale!

If you want anything elaborating on please ask in the comments below, do you want a closer look at my make up??

Laura xxx


Please check back, I reply to any burning beauty questions! x

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