Thursday, 13 January 2011

Truely A Treasure...

Barry M Dusky Mauve...

A little while ago, I was stalking my local Boots and Superdrug for what seemed like forever and like a princess in shining armour the lovely Stina came to my rescue and offered to send me a bottle!

At first I wasn't blown away but It's suddenly grown on me. The subtle purple shimmer it gorgeous and I've found it goes with everything i've thrown on this week! My kind of nail polish.

Have you tried this and love it or not totally convinced?

Laura xx

p.s I realise blogging has been a little sparse recently but fear not all will be restored in due course, I have quite a hectic work load at the moment and on the grand scale of things, blogging has to take a back seat! I'd still love to hear from you though so please do get in touch with any ideas or suggestions that you'd like to see from The Beauty Spark, you're involvement makes this so much more fun for me!



  1. nice color almost a purple/grey color :)

  2. I love this nail varnish, at first I wasn't convinced by the murky purple colour either but now I love it and the shimmers are beautiful! x

  3. I haven't seen this in person because I live in America, but judging by your pictures, this is pretty much an exact dupe for Chanel Paradoxal!



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