Friday, 14 January 2011


Illamasqua appear to have done it again with there stunning Valentines mini collection that isn't just for lovers...

I'm already lusting after 'Sangers' a dangerously decedant red lipstick that just screams my name.
Full of witty products such as 'Load' (a creamy white nail polish..tut tut Illamasqua!) this looks like the perfect andecdote for Valentines, whether you're drowning your sorrows in beautiful make up or getting a little gift from your sweetheart.

What do you think?

Laura xxx


  1. The promo picture is amazing and beautiful! :)

  2. Absolutely amazing. I love Alex Box and Illamasqua. Thanks for this post xx

  3. It looks really good! I LOVE the promo image


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