Monday, 3 January 2011

Mini Sweet Treats...

And here we go, 2011!

I hope you all had a brilliant new year and are looking forward to a brand new start!

This is only a quick one but I just wanted to show you these adorable little bits...

Ice Cream, Cupcakes and Sweets are definitely off the menu at the moment but who said you can't wipe your hands or slick your lips with something instead?!

I was giving all of these in various little christmas treats stockings and I love them all dearly!!

Laura xxx


  1. They are absolutely adorable! I went into a shop in Leicester that had things similar to this, they had a whole section on cupcake based things, it was amazing :)

  2. They are sooo cute! I think I would lick my lips all day if I had that lipbalm! lol! xx

  3. Hi I'm loving your blog! I just discovered NUDE products -- I really like their cleansing oil. These hand wipes are ADORABLE -- where can I find them in the States? Will have to do a bit of googling!

    Well I just subscribed to your blog :)
    Hope you will check out mine when you get the chance!

    Have an amazing 2011!

    <3 Kelly


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