Friday, 7 January 2011

Foundation Junkie

Some girls crave lipstick, others fawn over blush and some girls can't get enough eyeshadow...but I'm definitely a foundation junkie.

Now I may be blaspheming to the gods of cosmetics when I say this, but I really cannot get my head around owning 20 hot pink lipsticks or several eyeshadows in essentially the same shade.

Now I am guilty of this, and try desperately to justify this to myself but where I get a kick is foundation....


Now before you label me as boring as the beige hue of my foundation it is by far my favourite make up item as i'm forever on a quest for the ultimate flawless face!!

My current favourites are:


It will come as no surprise to you that I'm still in love with my Make Up Forever Face & Body Foundation as I don't usually suffer with bad skin and this works well to even out my skin tone in the daytime.


On a few occasions when friends have asked me which foundation I would recommend and I always tell them to check these two foundations before they go and splash the cash.

I've absolutely loved Max Factor Second Skin foundation and I've repurchased it several times, I don't have one at the moment as I've got so many on the go, but I'm definately going to buy this again.

I won't bang on about the joys of Revlon Colorstay as i'm sure you've heard it before, but this really does go the distance if you want a more full coverage foundation. I've been using this if I go on a night out and it doesn't budge!


I absolutely adore NARS Sheer Glow now we're into winter, over summer it became a complete no go as I'd looking like an oily mess by the middle of the day but it is the PERFECT colour for me and a little goes a long way, as soon as this runs out I'll be running for a new one!


I'm not sure this should even be called a foundation as it is such heavy coverage but it is genius, Vichy Dermablend has replaced any concealer for me at the moment as it covers everything and anything, it's photoshop for the face! I let my friends try some a few weeks ago and they couldn't believe how much it covered and were hooked!


Do you have an foundation recommendations, I'm itching to try something completely new!



  1. I love Nars sheer glow and really want to get another one. Lately I have been using YSL Teint resist and I really loved that foundation x

  2. I completely agree, Nars Sheer Glow is fantastic and Vichy Dermablend really is photoshop for the face - it photographs beautifully too.

    I also really like Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer - it's a faux tinted moisturiser as really it's a very light (and lovely) creamy foundation.

    xx Flutura :)

  3. I think foundation is by-far my favourite too! Especialy a flawless full coverage! x

  4. I love miracle touch from Max Factor x

  5. Ohh good choice! I love the MUFE face & body foundation too :) its one of the only foundation that doesnt settle on my dry patches


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