Monday, 27 December 2010

Sleeker Than Your Average?

I've held off from writing about this as I don't generally like to bring negative attention to brands if I can help it...


What the bloody hell is going on with Sleek?

You may recall back in Novemeber Sleek held a 50% off everything event and as expected, chaos ensued.

Now I'm not one to stamp my feet and I was more than prepared for the site being slow and having to hang around.

I was prepared to encounter a bit of madness and a bit of delay...

But the observant amongst you may have noticed that it is nearly January...and the sale was the middle of November...

I recieved a dispatch email/confirmation on the 26th November and I'm yet to recieve a bean.

Now the reason I've decided to talk to you about it is because I know i'm not alone by any means.

Despite my best efforts to repeatadly contact Sleek, I've recieved no constructive reply and had to resort to facebook group where I recieved the standard "it will be dispatched in a few days" I don't know about you but a few days doesn't equate to over a month, does it??

- I went to link the facebook page that was privy to many complaints but according to Sleek it was removed as all issues had been resolved...I highly doubt this -

You must excuse the overly negative tone to this unfortunate entry, but they've had the money and I've had nothing back, that's just bloody shoddy if you ask me.

They had the money on the 18th November to be exact.


Have any of you encountered any of the same problems??

Please let me know as it's getting beyond a joke.

The sad thing is I adore some of Sleek's products but feel slightly stung by the appauling customer service that I've encountered...


It's left a bitter taste in my mouth and I just had to share!!

Laura x

(Normal Positive Blogging Will Resume Shortly!)


  1. Blooming ridiculous isn't it!? I ordered but my order isn't going to come through now, done my head in and they didn't reply to any of my emails! If they had 10,000 likes on facebook they should of expected the majority to have been interested it's 50% off ffs!
    Terrible customer service. You wouldn't expect to be treated like that if it wasn't a sale so why should they be like that if there was a sale!!
    It's really put me off buying from them ever again to be honest

  2. Oh gosh! I tried getting onto the site during this sale but now I'm kinda glad that I didn't get anything - I'd hate to have to wait so long for make up :( I hope you get your bits soon!

    Kaushal xx

  3. Hey Laura, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the sale too, hopefully you'll get your blushers!
    As soon as I placed my order I e-mailed Sleek to confirm it had gone through as I got the SagePay error a lot of people were encountering, was told it had gone through and it would be dispatched within a few days. I then got an automated error saying my payment had failed, sent them 3 e-mails before getting a reply from the general manager over a week later telling me I was told the wrong information by their customer service, they wouldn't be honouring my 50% off and was advised to go buy what I wanted from Superdrug because they were "out of stock anyway"... despite my order being recieved (I believe they stated they would be honouring all recieved orders on facebook). I sent an immediate reply but have heard nothing since.
    I wish that was the end of it, but the automated payment failed e-mails continued to be sent, I must have about 50 in my inbox as I was getting at least 2 a day! I've e-mailed them about 6 times about it and have been ignored completely... needless to say Sleek have now been blocked from my e-mail account as it was just clogging it up!
    Like Abbie just said above, it's really put me off buying their products also, I understand they were extremely busy but my experience with customer service was absolutely awful! I don't feel comfortable buying anyhing else from the brand at all xx

  4. To be honest their fab products is always let down by their customer service. I think the problem is that they are a fairly small company and don't have enough staff to deal with the demand, which obviously isn't anyone's fault but the ones doing the hiring (or not). I for one like their product a lot but find their PR to be rather useless as the woman seems to be spread so thinly she rarely responds, although if she does she is then always pleasant and helpful. They advised of a blogger competition they would be running at their beauty blogger event last May, I was one of the people's blogs who it was running through supposedly but I never had any further info so just assume that's never happening. I hope they read your post and sort things out, as their products are good but it's going to put people off if the service doesn't support their products xx

  5. Thanks for all of your input girls it's really appreciated and I'm glad i'm not the only one! x

  6. OMG that really sucks :/ I was trying to order for 7,5 hours straight, I finally did it, but I sent an e-mail anyway since I got a Sagepay error too. No reply. I think they contacted me through twitter, I sent them my order number and they said that my order had gone through, they were just waiting for my payment to go through. Well, my payment didn't manage to go through. So I paid through paypal and about a week after that my order got dispatched (no dispatch e-mail, they just answered my question on fb) and I received my order about 2 weeks ago.

    I really like their products, I'm impressed (got e/s palettes, blushes and their cream to powder foundation), but the customer service is disappointing.. they need to hire more staff! I hope you'll get your order soon hun!


  7. It's a joke. I put in a rather large order, and after all the madness, about a month or so later I started getting spammed by Sleek. I'm actually tempted to make another (this will be my third) blog post about it myself. Why do they feel the need to email me multiple times a day to tell me something I already know!

    And yeah, it sucks because their products are alright.


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