Friday, 17 December 2010

The Glam Kit

There are a few items a girl simply cannot live without, they make her feel smart, groomed and altogether human...I have my own key set of products that are with me through thick and thin that always do the job...

Inside my glam kit is....

Tweezerman Tweezers: I get my brows waxed once every two months and keep them tidy with these tweezers. Believe the hype because they really are the king of tweezers.

Otylia Roberts Wax Strips: I was turned on to these by British Beauty Blogger who raved about them over summer and they really are the best thing for any waxing emergency, by far the easiest home waxing system i've ever tried, quick easy and with great results. I usually leave this to the professionals but if you're in a jam, these are lifesavers.

Mascara: If I could only keep one make up product it would be without doubt be mascara, it makes the world of difference. My all time favourites are Dior Iconic & Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous. 

False Tan: I haven't fake tanned for months, BUT it does give me such a lift when I do! I've been embracing the pale partly because it's winter and partly because I just haven't got the time at the moment but when I use it I adore Xen-Tan and St Tropez Everyday Spray which is a godsend for use pale paulines!

Indavidual False Lashes: If you don't want to go all out with strips of false lashes, adding a couple of these to your outer corners will make you feel a little bit more "done", You can get these from a range of brands but I'm making my way through some Ardell ones at the moment.

Lip Balm: If I want to look polished in a hurry I avoid some lipsticks like the plauge, my lips can get really dry throughout winter and I don't always have the time to prep and prime them to wear a bit of lippie, Burts Bees always does the trick and if I want a bit of a colour Snow Fairy lip tint from Lush is a winner.


Sort your hair out!!

However polished my face is looking, if my hair is looking less than groomed I'll walk around feeling blurgh all day.

Straighteners are my lifeline as I've been "blessed" with crazy curly hair that has been beaten into submission for years now.

I'm using Cloud Nines at the moment...

I'm hopefully being treated to a new hairdryer this Christmas and I've asked Santa for a Parlux 3000, hello faster drying time!

Finally I cannot get enough of Charles Worthington Dream Hair, I know i've talked about it before but it really does leave me with amazing shine.

Last but not least in my Glam Kit is Elnette Hairspray...It's an oldie, but god is it a goodie!!

What would go into your Glam Kit?

Laura xxx


  1. Definitely a tweezer, blush, mascara, peeling glove and lip balm!! I just can't live without them (:

  2. Have you tried mac tinted lip conditioner. Its an amazing lip balm and it gives your lips colour?

    Fuscia Fix is my favourite colour! xxx

  3. @Becca It's funny you should say that because I'm currently eyeing up the chez chez lame lip conditioner, I like the sleek ones too. x


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