Thursday, 25 November 2010

Random Ramble...In A Pickle.

Good Eveningg,

Firstly, apologies for the lack of blog action this week, I've had a crazy few weeks work wise, I've had a massive report due in and this week has been lectures and workshops galore...

I've also been a tad uninspired, I've kept this little baby running over the past 18 months and a bit and I think it's only natural to not "feel it" all the time. If my heart isn't in the post I'm writing, It's not the best I can do and you certainly won't enjoy it.

(A picture says a thousand words!!)

I don't think I'm alone is feeling like this at the moment, we're all aware that things are shifting around in the Beauty Community at the moment and I'm not sure where I sit in all of this.
We can all protest that we just do this for ourselves but at the end of the day we all do care what our peers else think/have to say. It's a vicious cycle to break!

I'm not saying it's the end, I'm just going to have a think about where this is going! I need to recapture that excitement I felt when this whole thing took off.

I really would love to know what you all think, is this just blogging block or are you feeling it too?

In other news... 

- I'm enjoying the Sigma E45, a godsend if you want to achieve a precise crease colour.
- The Nude Miracle Mask...Is, well, a Miracle...
- Barry M Dusky Mauve is the cat's pyjamas.

Laura xxx


  1. I totally agree with you sometimes you just run into a wall when it comes to keeping a blog fresh exciting and up to date. I haven't been blogging for anywhere near as long as you, but i have days where i sit in front of the mirror and its like you say a blogging block hits you. So just ride it out and i'm sure you will find the answer you are waiting for. :) x

  2. Hi honey sounds like u need a little holiday from blogging where you don't have any pressure to add any posts and you can just read other peoples for inspiration to get you feeling it again, I haven't been blogging long at all but somtimes I have block too it's sooo normal I think quality is far better than quantity and I would follow a good blog even if it wasn't constantly updated x

  3. im with you on that - only just got back to blogging after being MIA for months.

    I'm just so busy too - would love to do more face of the day but always just on my way out and never time to do a pic hahaha and my new (well, hubbys old!) phone is rubbish toooooooo


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