Sunday, 14 November 2010

Product Rave: Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation.

Well all have are own ideas of what makes good make up, and I must say, mine is a flawless base. I will admit I watched in amazement at the THIS Lisa Eldridge video as she transformed her models skin.

The star product was Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation. 

Now I don't have terrible acne but I sometimes suffer from the occasional spot and due to a massive workload and the stress that comes with it, my skin took a turn for the worse a couple of a weeks ago. 

I had a couple of evenings out planned and didn't fancy venturing out looking less than my best so I popped into Boots and picked it up in shade 15 Opal. 
(I probably don't even use this much on my whole face, but for the purpose of the photograph!)

I wisely decided to follow Lisa Eldridge's instructions and  only apply it to areas that needed more coverage, using my usual MUFE Face and Body over my whole face first.
I couldn't use this any other way as it is FULL COVERAGE! Buffed on with a 224 brush leaves a flawless finish, however red the spot, however discoloured the skin - it covers it. I didn't even touch any concealer apart from a tiny bit under my eyes. This has imperfections covered!

(blended with a 224 brush)
I don't use this on a daily basis as I just don't feel I need it but for that extra confidence boost on a night out or special occasion it's amazing.

It also lasts for ages and doesn't budge. I lightly dusted my MAC MSF Natural over my t-zone and it was there all night. I didn't touch up once, which is a miracle for me!

The one thing I will say is the colour range is a little small and for you very pale ladies this may be a touch on the warm (orange) side for you, Vichy do also make a Corrective Foundation Stick which carries the shade 11 Porcelain that might be slightly better.

It cost me £14.00 from Boots which for what it does is more than worth the money.

Laura xxx


  1. lovely! All I needed was a push to try this product :) I had no idea they sold this in boots though.

  2. I really want to try this! I just wasn't too sure as to what colour to buy as it comes in a box so you can't really see! I adore Lisa Eldridge's videos - I still can't believe how well her foundation technique works! x

  3. Everything Vichy is really good! Love their Normaderm line (:

  4. @Nicola - I was lucky enough to find it in store so I could test the colour, but as a rough guide, if you're MAC NW15/20 Opal would be fine for you! x

  5. @GetGawjus I managed to get mine in store but it was a big city centre one though, if not they sell it online and you can have it delivered to your local boots!

  6. Oh wow that sounds amazing! Now I really want some :-)


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