Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Breaking News...

                             You heard it hear first, I'm forgoing the nude lip and embracing bright lips!

I popped into MAC on Saturday just to get some duo glue, and came out with these two beauties...


Rebel & Lady Danger

I've been craving a deep plum lipstick for a while and I 'plumped' (terrible) for Rebel, it's a gorgeous mix of plum and pink, it comes out lighter on the lips which is lucky as i'm not sure i'd wear it enough. 

Lady Danger is a classic matte red that i've had on my mind for months, feircely pigmented yet doesn't feel drying, I love it!

L-R Rebel, Lady Danger

A Couple of Ridiculously Sloppy Lips...

If I was going to wear these on a night out i'd line my lips underneath and use something like Current lipliner by MAC underneath Rebel to give it a richer hue.

FYI: Rebel is a lot darker than pictured, my camera was having none of it!

I can safely say I'm a convert!

I'm also IN LOVE with my new chunky cardigan from H&M, it's HUGE and is more of a knitted coat than cardie but I adore it!

Laura xxx


  1. Both looks pretty! Ive been wanting lady danger.

  2. you look lovely honey. you really rock the bright lips :) xx

  3. @MissNikka Thank You, Lady Danger is a must! x

  4. They're both beautiful on you.

    I've done the same- gone and got some darker lipsticks and have really embraced some stronger colours for this frosty weather.

    It really feels so right wearing a strong lip colour all of a sudden, it must be the change of season, as normally I swear by my nudes!

  5. Where did my comment go?

    You look gorgeous with these lippies on.
    I have done the same and gone out and got some stronger lip colours (from MAC too)

    Must be the change of weather, it feels so right donning a stronger lip all of a sudden :)

  6. Lady Danger looks gorgeous on you in the last picture! I'm loving bright lipsticks at the moment xx

  7. I love lady danger on you honey it looks gorge.

    and oh my, those cheek bones :)


  8. Now look what you're doing, you're making me go to MAC and purchase Lady danger. One of my favourite ones, cause i love the orangey-red colour!
    And you look gorgeous they very much suit you :)

  9. @FWWAL Thank you! It's my new favourite red! x

  10. the red lipstick looks beautiful on you!!


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