Monday, 18 October 2010

Ring Ding Ding

I'm a sucker for cheapo Topshop jewellery and rarely leave without a little something:

Just a few little beauties

Do you have a soft spot for costume jewellery or do you prefer the real deal?



  1. I like a bit of both actually - I will invest in classic or one-of-a-kind pieces. However, I love cheap, of-the-minute accessories as well. It's so funny you just posted this because I only just finished 'scheduling' a post on my favourite statement rings :)

  2. i LOVE costume jewellery .. gotta love abit of finger bling :)


  3. i adore topshop's rings so much. i just hate spending so much money on them! i always wear them out and get a bit too tipsy and lose them as well.
    gorgeous coral rose ring! and your nails are looking fab! x

  4. i like both, just wish that the topshop ones wouldnt go green so fast :( x


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