Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Oh Dear...

I always find when purchasing skincare that you're taking a little bit of a risk, when you pick up a blusher or a nail varnish you usually have a pretty good idea how the whole thing is going to turn out, but you can never be sure when you invest in a skincare system that it's going to work out...

A couple of months ago I decided to give Bliss a whirl as I'd come to the end of my Clinique 3 Step System and decided to kick the habit and try something new.

I took the plunge and purchased a full size Triple Oxygen Cream, and thankfully I absolutely love it and have had no problems with.

But, I also decided to try the Bliss Youth As We Know It skincare system and bought a sample pack.

Before I'd even tried it there were certain "issues" see here for some lovely photo's of the nightcream...

I decided to forgive and forget and Bliss were more than helpful and I can't find fault with the customer service...


I've stopped and started with the Youth As We Know It products as how ever much I try I just can't like them...

They smell pleasant enough and if I use the cleanser and toner alone they work just fine, but when you put these all together it seems to go wrong. The eye cream make the skin under my eyes sting which is worrying enough in itself and one the nightcream has been applied after a few minutes of feeling luxuriously soft, if I touch my skin it all seems to almost coagulate and ball off my skin...considering the problems I had with the freshness of the products last time it leaves me thinking if these have gone a bit funny too. It's left me running for a face wipe too many times.

I'm afraid it just doesn't cut it!

As much as I hate to completely damn a product you need to hear the bad sometimes otherwise I just wouldn't be doing my job!

I'm Sorry Bliss, Better Luck Next Time??

Laura xxx


  1. Hmm ok, give this a miss then! Thanks xx

  2. I truly hate buying skin care products as the thought of them breaking me out fills me with dread!
    I'm in no rush to try Bliss now..!

  3. @Georgina - I wouldn't write Bliss off completely, the Triple Oxygen Cream is just amazing and i'll be getting another pot when mine runs out, sadly it just seems this doesn't work for me!

  4. @Computergirl It didn't work for me but who knows it might work for you!!


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