Saturday, 2 October 2010

Lipstick Kisses...

I'm a sucker for a lipstick, and the bulging draw of it doesn't hide my secret very well!

After much deliberation i've managed to pick my Top 10 favourite lipsticks for you all!

L-R (Click To Enlarge!) 

YSL Rouge Volupte No2 in Sensual Silk: There's something about this lipstick that makes me feel like a proper grown up when I whip it out and pop it on, the packaging is to die for and the lipstick is heaven on the lips, although don't expect a long lasting one with this!
Revlon Colorburst in Coral: If I want a red lip, this is my lipstick I reach for, it's a bright yellow red and feels just that little bit younger!
NARS Barbarella: This is possibly the easiest lipstick to wear I've ever owned, it's sheer and lovely and goes with anything.
All Styled Up: If I'm going out in the evening and I don't have time to do anything special, I'll stick this on and it makes you look like you've made an effort.
MAC Creme Cup: Another "safe" shade, there's a theme forming here! I adore this lipstick but I have to be careful with it because my laptop fan decided to massacre it!
MAC Myth: I'm not a massive fan of this on it's own and I do find it to be a tad drying, but it's perfect for toning down brighter lipsticks if I don't feel like going all out.
Barry M Lip Paint 62: When it comes to pigmentation Barry doesn't disappoint, for the price they're the best out there. I have to be in the right mood to wear this, but it's always an occasion when I do!
MAC Viva Glam Gaga: Rather similar to All Styled Up but slightly more wearable in the daytime, I was obsessed with this when I got it and i'm still reaching for it when i'm stuck on what to wear.
MAC Ravishing: Throughout the summer this was in regular use, it's a lovely coral that I just love!
MAC Shy Girl: Everybody should own this, it's the ultimate day lippie, it's the perfect mix of pink and nude that just screams effortless chic.

What are your Top 10 lipsticks, let me know!

Laura xxx


  1. Oh nice colors!! :) I love the YSL one, so pretty! :) Have you tried NYX Thalia? It's my favorite lipstick ever! :)

  2. Thalia is my favorite NYX lipstick!


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