Monday, 25 October 2010

Have Yourself A Lush Kind Of Christmas...

Before we begin, I must say I go through phases with Lush. I'm either obsessed or just get 'lushed out' and can't stand the sight of it for a few months, BUT Christmas is when it really hits the jackpot and draws me in!

l-r Fizzbanger, Gingerbread House, Snow Fairy Lip Tint, Snow Fairy Shower Gel & Mrs Whippy.

Fizzbanger is an amazing mix of apple, cinnamon and toffee! The moment I gave it a sniff I just had to pop it in my basket, I was told by one of the guys that it has popping candy in it too, I hope it packs more of punch than Cinders did last year!
This isn't a Christmas product but I couldn't leave it behind...

Gingerbread House is a gorgeous spicy sweet smelling bubble bar that I can't wait to use, this little product set my whole Lush kick into overdrive as my wonderful little sister bought me this as a gift! This truly does look good enough to eat and I can't wait to give it a go. I adore the little cinnamon chimney too, how cute!

Everybody knows the wonders of Snow Fairy so I won't go on too much here. The lip tint was a complete impulse buy...did I need it? um, no. Could I leave without it? Oh no!!
It's a gorgeous light strawberry pink that feels so moisturising on your lips, yummy!!
It contains Shea Butter, Icing Sugar, Dried Raspberries and Sherbet, the perfect sweet treat.

Mrs Whippy caught my eye the moment I walked in, it's just so damn cute! I looks just like the name suggests, a beautiful cupcake ice cream dream that I can't wait to plop into the bath.
This one smells like a strawberry cupcake and has an intriguing strawberry centre, amazing!
This isn't a christmas product, but who cares when it's this lovely right?

Of course I had to purchase a massive Snow Fairy shower gel as I've been mourning the loss of the sweet scent ever since I used it all up during the summer!

Are you indulging in Lush this Christmas??

Laura xxx


  1. Ooh I love Snow Fairy and must get some soon. Great litle haul! xx

  2. Lovely haul hun :)
    i love love snow fairy, still have some left over from last year as i didnt want it to run out! But think i will use it up & buy a big new bottle!
    Also need the lip balm! Looks amazing!


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