Friday, 1 October 2010

Going Natural

It goes without saying that I have more than a mild interest in make up, but sometimes I crave the simple approach, keeping it natural...with the help of a few friends.

Natural but groomed is a winner if you're going to work or running around all day.

Ignore the hair, what's the point in doing anything other than a ponytail in torrential rain!?

The Basics

I just start with a great moisturiser (Bliss Triple Oxygen) then pop on a bit of MUFE Face & Body and Benefit It Stick under my eyes to hide any tiredness.

Now it's winter i'm embracing the pale for a while and have a new found love for Frankly Scarlet blush by MAC, it's a BRIGHT red, but LIGHTLY applied to the cheeks it gives me healthy flush.

Brows are absolutely essential to pull together a clean, natural look, i've just brushed a bit of Espresso e/s from MAC through my brows with an angled eyeliner brush.

Eyes are super super simple, I've just used some Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous, which I must admit, has grown on me since I first tried it, I think it's got better as it's dried out.

Whilst some people don't feel dressed without a bit of lippie, I love to just wear a bit of tinted lip balm if i'm going natural.

Do you like embracing the natural look or are you commited to your make up in a big way!?

Laura xxx


  1. Gorgeous look sweets, so natural and pretty :)

    You skin looks amazing xx

  2. This is a lovely look. I often do my make up like this if I just need to pop to the shops quickly. I also think the eyebrows are very important for a natural style. You look so pretty!

  3. You look gorgeous! I love embracing the natural look, especially on the weekends.


  4. You look so pretty all natural
    I wish I could pull it off.. my skin is so sucky it just doesn't work :/

  5. You look lovely (:
    I look a bit...too pale without a face full of slap haha. I dont wear eyeliner though or *much* eyeshadow at all...heck, some days i even go without mascara! but i do need my bronzer and blusher to look alive.
    So i do like the natural look (: xx

  6. Wow gorgeous, it looks like you have nothing on!! :) If I have no time I do something simple like you! :) If I have time I'll do more things with my makeup! :)


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