Sunday, 31 October 2010

Glitter Makes Me Giddy...

I realise we're doing two nail posts on the trot but I'm a little bit obsessed with my short nails this week!

Case in point: The Glitter Nail...

As I don't own (and probably never will) a bottle of glitter nail polish, I took head of this blog post by Tiffany D and did it free style with a little vile of fairy dust glitter I had in my miscellaneous draw!

It's ridiculously simple to follow but if you're stuck pop on over to her blog to see how...

I dragged Barry M Nail Paint in Grey out as I haven't worn it in about a year so felt it needed an outing, I'd forgotten how easy this is to apply, opaque in two thin coats and is a lovely blue grey! I slapped on Seche Vite over the top to seal it all in, naturally...

Does glitter make you feel giddy like me??

Laura xx


  1. Ooh, i love this! Might have to try it :) x

  2. That's soo pretty. =) BTw where did you get your seche vite from? x

  3. @Yin I bought it from Boots, you could probably buy it online cheaper but it was there infront of me and I wanted it!

  4. hi dear..lovely blog u have following you..btw loving the colour


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