Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Broadway Baby...

Last weekend, on a complete whim I decided to pop on some false nails to smarten up my neglected talons, wandering through Boots I picked up the only set of false nails without a french tip...

Enter Broadway Nails...£3.99, thanks very much.

I'm really impressed with the results considering they were a cheap quick fix that I stuck on myself...

The nail polish I'm sporting is Nails Inc London (Free with Diet Coke!)

On another nail related note, I picked up the much chatted about Seche Vite top coat at the same time and I bloody love it! Perfect for quick before bed varnish changes! I've heard about this drying out peoples natural nails though, but as its just on the false ones, no problem here!

I've had these beauties on for 4 days now and they're still going strong so I'll definitely be using them again if I need a quick fix without resorting to more permanent falsies.

Love, Laura xxx

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  1. Revlon do some pretty good false nails without a french tip :-)


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