Thursday, 9 September 2010

Plump Up The Volume...

The pout: staple of all fashionistas, beauty gurus and posers since the year dot.

I purchased my first "lip plumper" years ago whilst I was in 6th form (Urban Decay Big Fatty Lip Plumper FYI) and have a had a mild curiosity/obsession with them since. Is there really a non evasive/surgical answer to plump lips?

Enter "plump & shine" lipgloss.

On opening the package I was pleasently suprised, its good sturdy packaging that would sit beside any higher end brand without looking out of place.

The Lipgloss came in three colour choices, Nude (Red), Seduce (Dark Pink) & Candy (Light Pink)

I played it safe and went for Candy, a pretty light nude pink.

It applies nicely, it's not sticky but equally feels like it will stick around for a while.

Right, time for the acid test, does it actually work?!

BEFORE: Naked lips.

AFTER: Left for 5 minutes to let it work, Plumped?

It has the typical bee sting feeling when you apply and I feel like they're plumper, but I'm not sure I can really see that they do.


I think this is a nice gloss that applies well and has good lasting power, would I buy it? No. Why not? It costs £24.95! If it made a noticable difference in the plumpness of my lips I might consider it, but as it acts more like a regular lipgloss I'll be sticking to other cheaper alternatives.

Lots of Love, Laura xxx

FYI: This was sent to me, but obviously It hasn't changed my opinion girls!


  1. OMG!! The price, the price!! That is outrageous!

    They all feel like they work I find, but as for others being able to see it.. Nope!

    I reckon I've tried them all as well, but settled for the soap & Glory motherpucker, the original one, it gave the prettiest pout in my opinion and is easier on the purse, all considered ;)

  2. It's like a clear lipgloss! And does not plump at all. Oh my, cannot believe they charge almost £25 for it.
    Thank you for an honest review.

  3. I use sally hansen lip inflation extreme, it actually stings when you use it but after half an hour or so (and like 3 application) it works on my lips!! And it's about $18 AUD :) which is a hell of a lot cheaper than the one you tried!

  4. @SugarKat I have actually a long time ago and I vaguely remember really liking it! x


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