Sunday, 12 September 2010

Let The Banquet Begin: Illamasqua Event 11.09.2010

On Saturday I went to have a sneak peak at Illamasqua's brand new flagship store and amazing new collection "The Art of Darkness".

The store was fully decked out in a whimsical, mystical theme that brought the theme to life.

 Without entering into full blown gush mode, the store is simply stunning, spacious edgy and oh soo Illamasqua.

On arrival we were treated to a mysterious bubbling punch that certainly packed one!

After we settled down to watch a short film on the new collection, Alex Box gave us a short talk about the new collection and the new store, It really did show me how much Illamasqua 'get' the whole blogging thing, we're not a faction or an afterthought, but appreciated wholeheartedly.

She talked about the new store being a place were make up artists new and established can come and "prop up the bar", chat and learn.
I really did love the new collection, picture time!

laid out like an ancient banquet...

pigments to play with...

hello mysterious cocktail in the corner...

One of the lovely make up artists there let me snap her hand and look at the amazing colours and pigmentation...

Top-Bottom/Left-Right: Ore Pigment, Stoic LM, Resolute LM.
Disciple Lipstick, Alchemy Precision Ink, Superior LM, Alchemy PI, Mixture!, Hermetic Intense Lipgloss.
Alchemy has jumped right onto my need list!

Alex Box was also working her magic on the store staff!

The theme has been completely embodied in the make up and It's like a breath of fresh air!

I had a brilliant time at Illamasqua and I just thought i'd leave you with a shot of the beautiful characters!

Illamasqua's Flagship Store Will Open Monday 13th September & The Art of Darkness will be coming soon...


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  1. The whole event looks so amazingly well put together and executed!

    Bet it was such an experience.. xx


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