Saturday, 7 August 2010

Turn Up The Volume: TIGI Queen For A Day

As far a fashion and beauty are concerned, there are precious few exceptions where bigger is better...and hair definitely falls into the latter category.

Whilst I am blessed with fairly thick hair, but I am a volume addict.

When I picked up this product I was rushing so assumed it was just a hairspray. It turns out it can be used wet or dry to add volume, interesting!

I've been using this for the past few weeks and It has place itself firmly within my hair routine. I've always adored that fruity Bed Head scent and I have complaints about my hair smelling like it!

I spray this at the roots before I blow dry as I find this works best for me, I have a thing about "over product'd" (it's a word) hair so I find this works best for me!

It leaves me with giant, bouncy hair - the best kind of hair!

I picked this up at TKMaxx believe it or not for about £7??

Do you have any tips for super volume in your hair?

Laura xxx

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