Saturday, 21 August 2010

Like a Bee to Honey...17 Mirror Shine Lipsticks

We all know it's all too easy to get swept away on the hype train when a new product comes into town, and I'm just as guilty as most of you. But recently I've been trying very hard to buy products for me, that I know I need rather than want. I'm not talking about "need" either!!

But everytime I've wandered into Boots since I 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks hit the market, I spent at least 5 minutes "buzzing" around the shade Beehive (boom boom).

It's a staple nude pink colour that doesn't scream special at all, but hey, I'm a beauty's an affliciton.

What makes this lipstick special isn't the unique shade or the crazy colour payoff, it's the smooth, glossy finish that it leaves. It's a potent mix of balm/gloss and lipstick that has me hooked.

Pictured here on completely naked lips it's a three in one effect.

Beware though, you pay a price for soft glossy finish. You get a soft glossy lipstick, which will respond heat and knocks in a big melted mess.

But for under a fiver, who can complain?!

Laura xxx


  1. Lovely colour! I'm a big fan of nude lipsticks atm :) xo

  2. Hey! I'm a new follower. Great Blog!! I recently bought this lipstick in the colour Peace which is a bright reddish orange. I love the glossy finish but I find the colour doesn't have a great deal of staying power and I am forever re-applying!! Still, can't complain at the price.

    Maybe you could check out my blog?

    thanks xxx


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