Sunday, 8 August 2010

July Favourites

As always, I'm late putting these up, but who doesn't love a good favourites post?!

L-R NARS Penny Lane Cream Blush
MAC Stereo Rose MSF
Benefit It Stick
MAC Lipstick in Myth & Jazzed.

Penny Lane is such a lovely everyday blush and despite it's hefty price tag i'm happy I picked it up, I've used it nearly everyday either by itself or under another blush.
I've been using Myth & Jazzed together as I find Jazzed alone is just too orange for my skintone, toning it down with Myth underneath is just perfect!
See HERE for a Jazzed/Myth FOTD.
Stereo Rose was the subject of an insane amount of hype and I've worn it on most nights out since I purchased it, but I can't help feeling that it's pretty dupeable?
Finally i've been using my freebie It Stick like there's no tomorrow as it's amazing to cover under eye circles and I'm in desperate need of that recently!

Other unrelated favourites:

- Cocoa Orange Nakd Bars, delicious and better for you!
- Ellie Goulding, Lights. I can't stop listening to it, such a good album!

What are you favourites this month? I'd love to know!

Laura xxx


  1. Ahhhh super jealous you got a Stereo Rose :( ..

    I'm yet to try anything by Nars, so may put an order in this month sometime!

    My faves have been MAC Snob lipstick, MAC Soft & Gentle MSF and, like you, Benefit's IT Stick, so perfect for touch ups! x

  2. Great favourites! They're almost all the newest products that were released! Lucky!

  3. Hey girlie,

    I tagged you for an award over on my blog, pop on over and check it out!

  4. @Laura They sound like a solid bunch of favourites to me!

    @Dollface, Thank You! I'll check it out now.

  5. I love the It Stick, I developed an icky skin condition around my eyes back in meant I couldn't wear any make up!!...and since then any concealer I put on makes my eyes into a cakey mess. It Stick is the only concealer I've found that doesn't do this, amazing for a magazine freebie! I'm gutted they're discontinuing it though :(



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