Saturday, 3 July 2010

St Tropez Everyday Spray

Dear All,

My name is Laura, and I'm addicted to that summer glow.

From about April onwards, an unhealthy urge to get bronzed grips me and I begin my seasonal battle to achieve a natural bronzed look that nature has so cruelly neglected to bless me with.

It's those rediculous Scottish genes...

Somewhere out there I believe there is a product that doesn't smell, doesn't streak and doesn't make me look like I stepped out of the Michelle Heaton school of beauty.

So far this summer I've been quite happily using Xen-Tan Gradual Tanner, and I've been quite happy with the results. But something started to niggle away and me, for a gradual tanner you have to be bloody careful where you put it. I slapped it on in a rush last week and woke up in the morning looking like a tiger.

Whilst in Boots, I rashly decided to pick up St Tropez Everyday Spray, after Laura spoke highly of it in her blog.

I knew I trusted her judgement for a reason!!

I decided to give this a go on my arms last night, and I was impressed.

1) The smell is far from unpleasent, a bit like hairspray, but not stomach turning.
2) It took me less than five minutes to spray myself, even though I will admit the clear spray did feel a bit unnerving.
3) I woke up this morning and the colour is just perfect.

I finally have "natural" olive skin!!

There's zero streaking and even my hands have escaped without any tell tale signs.
Even though the camera has washed out my lovely golden hue, I hope you can pick it up a bit!!

For all of you pale paulines out there I'd really reccomend giving this a whirl, as far as i'm concerned, it's £20 well spent.

St Tropez, we have a winner!

Laura xxx


  1. I have tried it too but it got patchy after two days :(

  2. Will have to give it a go!


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