Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sigma Brushes: What's All The Fuss About?

Sigma have been creeping into the beauty blogging community for some time now, whether it be through YouTube gurus waxing lyrical about the brush sets or the multiple sigma giveaways that pop up from time to time, I think it's fair to say that Sigma are very much "doing the rounds"

I decided I couldn't form an opinion about the brand without trying a few brushes for myself, so when I was browsing I noticed they had a few Sigma brushes for sale. So in the name of curiosity I purchased two brushes.

I took a gamble on the SS134 and the E40 (formally the SS224)

I constantly use my 187 brush to apply powder and bronzer but I've been after a large dense powder brush like this for a while, I paid £11.99 for the sigma version so already it trumps the MAC version which retails for £35.50...

It's lovely and soft, it's washing well so far, but I'll keep you updated on how it fairs in the future.

It applies bronzer like a dream, and I've officially swapped from my trusty 187 for a while!

Overall it feels well made and sturdy, so I'm pleased with it. But we shall see how this quality holds up.

I purchased the sigma E40 (SS224) because I've been using my 224 brush for applying my concealer, but I also love it for blending, so when I'm in a rush It's just easier to have two of these rather than having to clean one in between!

So far so good, the brush is slightly longer than the MAC version, but that doesn't exactly bother me, and it feels a little denser, but then that could be because it hasn't had the use that my old 224 has endured.

Whilst the MAC version is retailing for a staggering £20.50, I picked this up for £4.99. I know which one I'd prefer for a back up!

By the way, have MAC hoisted the prices of their brushes up? I'm positive I didn't pay as much for mine.

 This brush is also soft and to be honest, there doesn't seem to be the slightest difference other than the length.

So here we have it, It appears Sigma might just be something to shout about, but I've only touched the surface.

These would be perfect for someone whose starting out in make up, as building up a collection is (I'll tell you from experience) extortionate.

Have you tried Sigma? What do you think??

Laura xxx


  1. I ordered the F80 (flat top kabuki) for foundation and i'm loving it so far!
    Think i need to order that E40.. its crazy how the MAC costs £20 and the sigma costs £5 :O xx

  2. @Abbie I really want to try the flat top kabuki, it's on the list :)


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