Monday, 26 July 2010

Going Up & Going Down...

Before I get accused of doing a lazy post, i'll just admit it, I am doing a lazy post as I've just got in from work and I'm just a little bit tired, zzzzz.


Less Is More.

I'm talking less make up, I know, I've shocked myself.
I'm currently sporting just a smidgen of Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer under my eyes and a dusting of MAC MSF Natural and that's it. finito. I've been ditching the foundation in the day for a few weeks now and it really feels liberating!

Barry M Coral Lipgloss

Barry has well and truly got me reaching for the glossy stuff again, the pineapple scent is divine!


Without sounding like a complete twit, I'm really loving the shape of my eyebrows at the moment, not to thick and not too thin just the perfect shape for my face, never underestimate the power of a good eyebrow to lift your face! 

BIG hair

I'm addicted to TIGI Superstar Queen For A Day...It's amazing. Its the gorgeous smelling hit of volume I've craved for ages. 

H&M Basics

I can't help myself, everytime I go into that store, I come out with atleast two jersey vests/tshirts/'s becoming an illness.


Topshop Jewellery in the Heat.

I'm sorry Topshop but you really are crap with the heat, I don't expect to buy a ring and get left with an attractive green residue all over my hand even if it was only £4. It's currently been less than a week and only two wears and it's right down to its copper base...not cool!

Lack of Time

I'm currently in the process of sorting out my masters degree which I'm going to starting in October, I'm very excited but I've been left with no time for myself as it's tied to the trust I work for. I'm just going to enjoy the few months I have left before all hell breaks loose!

Well atleast there are more up's than down's!!

Just because I can't possibly do a post without a lovely picture, I thought you might like to be party to my cats' latest obession...sitting in the fruit basket...

He's a keeper...

What are your up's and down's this week??

Laura xxxx


  1. Your cat sure is a cutie! && i do agree, sometimes less is more. love love love your blog, i followed! xo

  2. Barry M Coral lip gloss smells off pineapple?? **Running to the nearest Barry M stand!!!

  3. haha aww your cat is so cute, they love to try and squeeze in places they know they shouldn't! ive been inspired to write my own in and out post now, thanks :)


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