Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Credit Where Credit's Due: Barry M Lipgloss.

I'm not a big lipgloss person, the feeling of sticky lipgloss is just not for me. In fact, just thinking of over glossed mouths with strings of lipgloss in the corners of mouths makes me dry heave.

But then I found Barry M lipglosses. It was love at first swipe!!


No. 2 Toffee
No.4 Pastel Pink
No.5 Bubblegum Pink
No.11 Coral

They're smooth, glossy and glide on without a hint of sticky...and do I even need to mention how DELICIOUS these smell?

I think the names are pretty self explanatory thank you very much...well apart from one of Barry's latest offerings in the lipgloss department.

No.11 Coral.

Barry M have bought out a number of new shades but this was the only one that caught my eye, well it is Coral!

It's a lovely milky colour which I have a sneaky feeling will look amazing over the 147 lip paint...yummy.

Best of all it only bloody smells of pineapple!! I cannot stop smelling this, it's just beaten Bubblegum to best smelling gloss.


An obligatory swatch...

l-r Toffee, Pastel Pink, Bubblegum, Coral.

 If you're after rediculous colour pay off, don't come knocking on Barry's door. They provide a glossy wash of colour that suits me just fine.

At only £4.25 a pop, I'll take one of these over a Dazzleglass anyday.

What do you think of Barry M gloss?

Lots of Love, Laura xxx


  1. The coral looks lovely <3 is it the colorful on the lips? Have you tried yet? yum yum! x

  2. I have! It's a subtle coral pink on the lips, but looks gorgeous over peach or nude toned lipstick :)

  3. I love the toffee one. I have it in my bag most days :) Emma

  4. The colours are so pretty but I haven't picked one up yet because i'm slightly scared of them as they're so bold! haha, I want to try loads of the barry m lip products :)

  5. @Lauren the glosses just come off as a nice wash of colour, they're not as loud as in the tube :)

  6. I've got the pastel pink shade & i'm not such a fan.. I love the texture and how it feels so soft on my lips but I think it looks weird on me :S Maybe it's just the colour doesn't suit me
    Prehaps I should try a different colour as i really love the consistancy x

  7. I agree! Coral looks fab but I can't get Barry M in Canada!! D=

    You should try Revlon Super Lustrous lipglosses!! They're not sticky and is super smooth!


  8. @Abbie I agree the pastel pink is a little opaque, it's not my favourite out of the range! please do try some of the others though, it makes up for it!


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