Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Revlon Colourburst...Yummy

I decided to dash into Boots today to grab a few boring bits and bobs, and I wandered - and subsequently halted - at the Revlon stand when I spotted the new Colourburst lipsticks all set up like little quilted lipstick soldiers!

I spent a good 15 minutes playing with all of the colours (which, I may add were all new and shiny, which thrilled the saddo in me) and decided I had to atleast pick up one...so I picked up two.

I decided upon one typical safe shade, 035 Blush, and a complete impulse, 080 Coral.
Firstly, I'll just say how bloody gorgeous is the packaging?? I think it's the most attractive "drugstore" lipstick I've ever come across, I'm in love with the little Revlon stamp on the actual lipstick too, detail aimed to impress!
Cue the hastily applied lip swatches...


This is so close to my lip colour yet it adds a glossy depth to them, for the days when I just want a hint of something this will be lovely. It reminds me a lot of Shy Girl, yet it has more of a brown base, where Shy Girl is a lot more orange.

Even though I've just bought another nude, I've feeling quite 'over nuded' recently. This probably explains this beauty...


I'm in love with this colour, less of a Coral, more of a true yellow red. I'm very fussy about red lipstick as I'm always aware that the wrong shade of red can make me feel like my mother. It's the most young, wearable red I think I've come across recently, I wouldn't be too afraid to wear this out in the day, infact I'm wearing it now and I'm going to sport this when I go to Waitrose in a minute!

A quiet word about the consistancy of Colourburst, they're creamy and glossy to the max, therefore you do a lose a little bit of pigmentation along the way, each of the above took about 2-3 swipes to achieve the colour above but it's a comprimise I'm willing to take.

And one more thing...

Does anybody know anything about the colour range that they've released in the UK compared to the US range? I was looking for the much talked about Soft Nude and it was nowhere to be seen, annoyed.

Right, as It was 3 for 2 in Boots when I bought these, I thought I may aswell get something for free so I finally caved and bought Peach Petal from Revlon.

It's a pretty, unoffensive gloss that's strikes the balance between natural and nude.

Hello dodgy camera, Peach Petal.

I've heard lots of things about these glosses, and so far I like it. I'm not in love with it as I think it's too middle of the road to go gaga over, but if it's free, whose complaining??

Over & Out

Laura xxx


  1. i love all the lippies you bought. It really looks good on you. loving also the gloss :)


  2. I love Revlon's lippies! Those are great colors and the lipgloss looks lovely! :]

  3. can't wait to get some of those lipsticks!

    lipglossiping did a post on all the colours we get in the uk, 12 compared to 20 in US, and not the soft nude! http://www.lipglossiping.com/2010/05/08/revlon-colorburst-lipsticks-soon-to-hit-the-uk/

  4. @sarah, thank you for the link, that's rubbish about the soft nude, I really want it! x


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