Saturday, 29 May 2010

I Can't Stop Blushing...

Summer is here, even if it is a little bi-polar. This usually means one thing for me, pure obsession with blush...

I want it all, I want the perfect, luminous, perky, peachy, glimmering, oh my gosh where did you get that blush. If such a thing exsists, let me know. For now I'll just fill you in on my most favourite blush products of the moment.

Style: This has to be my most worn blusher, I use it in conjunction with a brighter colour on the apples of my cheeks and run this along my cheekbone, everybody should own this!

Rude: A recent purchase, but It's so pretty. I apply it with a 130 brush and usually run a highlighter over it to just brighten it up, it's lovely to wear in the daytime if you want a more natural look too.

Tippy: The ultimate hot pink blush, a little goes a lonnng way. I've had this for over a year, and you can hardly tell i've used it. I use this so much!! Paired with Style, this is my absolute favourite combination.

2True Tint: Neon in the bottle, but give it a chance and you'll fall in love.

Springsheen: This is just the perfect blush if you want to look "done" in a hurry. It's got a gorgeous golden reflect to it and strikes the balance between pink and peach perfectly. Very similar to NARS orgasm. 

I was having problems photographing the true colours of the blushes in a swatch, but here we are!

l-r 2True Tint, Rude, Style, Tippy, Springsheen.

They're all much more vibrant in person, my camera just has a tendancy to wash things out!

What are your favourite blush products?

Laura xxx


  1. Hello! I have Style and love it. My favourite blusher is a mat blusher by Revlon, called perfect peach. xx

  2. That's so funny, I was just thinking yesterday that I'm getting weirdly into blush. I'm currently lusting after mac's dollymix but you've got me intrigued with the Illamasqua one :) xo

  3. You got some really nice blushes

  4. I got your feeling... I feel like I keep buying new blushes and wearing blush even if I'm not wearing any other makeup... I'm totally obsessed with blushers!

    My favourite blusher would be MUFE Microfinish HD Blush #14 Star Struck, perfect flush for my skin! Love love it! In fact, I just love MUFE HD blushes!

    I would really love to try Illamasqua, too bad it's not available here =(

    Anyway, keep blushing =D


  5. Ahh I everyone keeps posting updates on BLUSHES and I am already obsessed! These blogs just make me want more! I am itching to get Nars Orgasm and MAC springsheen (which isn't released here yet) at the moment I am loving some random Pupa blush i bough, its soo pretty and has gold shimmer in it :)

  6. I love springsheen, such a gorgeous shimmery peachy pink colour. At the moment I'm loving cream blushers and I've used maybelline mousse blusher in peach satin everyday. Its so easy to apply and gives a lovely pop of colour to my cheeks, love it! x

  7. Hi Laura,

    First time encounter ur blog. You have a really nice collection of blusher. I'm still looking for a good blusher that suits my skintone. Sadly, I can't wear pinky blusher.

  8. My favorite : NYX in Angel . I have NARS orgasm but I am not so fond of it....

    Caro xxx


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