Monday, 17 May 2010

Get Golden For Summer!

Despite the constant protest from the gloomy British weather, summer is slowly creeping up on us!

I've been a bit of a pale pauline throughout the winter monthes. A combination of Scottish genes, a lack of any sunshine and a lazy attitude towards all things tanning have left me with a complexion rivaling a Cullen. Is "blue pale" skin colour?!

In order to remedy this and bring me back to life, I've embarked on a mission to inject some "tanshine" back into my life.

Numero Uno.

Xen-Tan Transform Gradual Self Tanner & Sunless Tan Face Tanner.

We'll get this out of the way...yes I was sent these products, BUT I've given them the mother of all testings before I even wanted to touch on them on here!!

I've had some horrendous experiences with gradual tanners, I'm talking to you Johnsons Holiday Skin...It stills makes my old university housemates laugh now...

I was dubious about subjecting myself to another trial but I'm rather glad I did, It smells delicious like vanilla almond cakes, unlike any false tanner I've ever used before. I will admit you do transition from cakes to the slight smell of biscuits after a few hours, but it isn't even close to the full on eau de tan smell that's ever so pleasant...blurgh.

 As it's a gradual tanner I wasn't expecting miracles, but it applied easily (I just slapped it on with my hands and fully rubbed it in) and I was done, just a white cream that you can see blending in so it gives you a rough idea of where you've put it. No serious trauma there! I did however begin to lose hope when nothing seemed to be happening after a few hours, not a hint of the bronzed goddess I

BUT...I woke up in the morning looking like a california beach babe! Hello Xen-Tan!!

As I obviously lack forward planning I didn't have a "before" shot so as my Sister is the same skin colour as me I roped her in to lend an arm.

Before & After.

It really is the most natural tan I think I've ever achieved from a bottle, It lands right in the middle of the olive/golden skin tone without being obnoxiously satsuma.

Very Happy!!

I'm not going to say I didn't have ANY streaking because that wouldn't be true, I had ONE streak...not bad at all, I only found it after a rigorous inspection so who else would notice!

My face is a similar hue of golden brown, but I'm looking far from photogenic today so I promise to show you in a FOTD tomorrow...In short, no satsuma face, no obvious pore clogging and it's kept my dry skin moisturised, thumbs up! I'm usually terrified of face tanners so testing this was a real task. I will happily purchase this and the body tanner over and over, I'm already addicted.

Gradual Transform is £14.95
Face Tanner is £15.95

Numero Dos

I haven't let these two babies out of my sight for about two weeks now.

E.L.F Warm Bronzer & MAC Gold Deposit MSF.

Both of these get brutally ignored throughout winter but they never leave my dressing table during the summer monthes, I'm not scared of a bit of shimmer so I sweep Gold Deposit over my cheek bones for a beautiful bronze glow. The E.L.F Bronzer is such a versatile little thing, the darker shades are lovely contours in summer, they're usually too dark for me, and swirled on a big fluffy brush it looks lovely just placed on your temples, cheekbones and collarbone.

Numero Tries

If you are in a real pinch something like this is always a good plan. I love these if I'm going out and feel my legs or arms are looking a bit pale, it's confidence in a bottle! The shimmer isn't too over the top and if you go wrong it just washes off, perfect for beginners.

I'm not sure how much I paid for these but they are in the £5-£10 region, you can grab these at Boots & the Rimmel one at most usual High Street shops.

If you made it to here, well done haha, mega post!!

Are you getting bronzed for summer? Or are you embracing your pale side??

Lots of Love, Laura xxxx


  1. The Xen tan looks a really natural colour. There's so many fake tans I want to try at the minute, but after seeing the colour of yours, think I might be swayed to try this one next!

  2. That Xen Tan looks FAB ... i'll have to find out where stocks it near me... it looks so natural!


  3. The xen tan looks fab :) will have to find out where stocks it near me its such a natural colour on you


  4. Xen tan sounds great, the tan looks so natural. I've been quite lazy with tanning this year but now that the weather is warming up I'll definitely be regularly tanning again x


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