Saturday, 24 April 2010

Products I'm Loving Right Now: YSL Creme de Blush

I got this product a few monthes ago from a friend and I hate to say it, but It just got put into my drawer without much of a look as I saw the colour in the pot and just though, woah...bright. She didn't use it enough, and I was unsure I would either.

The packaging is just divine, like most YSL, you just want to look at it all day, and this has that lovely rose scent I tend to associate with the brand!

Now for the scary hand swatch...

It's vivid, scary and something I would usually run a mile from, but I'm regretting not playing around with this more now as I've become addicted!!

If you just take the tiniest amount and blend it out well with your fingers (I've found this works the best) it gives you a pretty flush which lasts all day.

Cue the akward picture of my cheek...this was the best I could do to get the colour across!!

As it's the weekend I don't want to go overboard with the old slap, and this is just the ticket, it leaves a gorgeous natural flush, I've just lightly sweeped Style blush (MAC) over the top to give me a bit of that glow I cannot live without!!
 I'm pretty sure this was LE but if you know otherwise please let me know, I don't think i'll be running out soon though as you literally need a dab to get a flushed cheek! The amount I've put on my hand for a swatch was way too much.

Have you found any products recently that you've neglected but adore?? 

Lots of Love, Laura xxx


  1. Such a shame its a LE product, it looks beautiful on your cheeks. I re-discovered my Loreal refursacing primer the other day, can't believe I put it in a drawer then forgot all about it, it makes my skin so smooth and poreless! x

  2. oooh that's gorgeous - Ive got dry cheeks at the mo so looking for something creamy... do you know how much it is?
    ps dont forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already


  3. @Smaira, this was a LE product I think :( but Posey Blushcreme from MAC looks very similar in colour.

  4. ohh love the way it looks! gota try this one out :)


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