Saturday, 10 April 2010

Playing With Lashes: Eldora Lash Review.

A beautiful sunny saturday afternoon, what do I decide to do? Sit indoors and play with false lashes!!

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Ella from Eldora Handmade Lashes and she asked if I would be interested in trying out some of their products, I agreed but told her that I'm not a massive fan of over the top lashes, and I like to keep mine quite natural.

I was amazed when she sent me six pairs of lovely looking lashes to try out.

Eldora have an amazing selection of false lashes, from natural looking lashes to more out there styles such as feather lashes! They are all made from either synthetic materials or steralised human hair and can be reused.

They all come with a small tube of glue that claims to have up to 20 applications in it, but as I've only tried these on a few times, I can't say for sure!


I'm going to show you my two favourite lashes that I've tried on so far, I'm going to stagger these throughout the next few weeks to avoid lash overload.

The Before Shot: I don't have the longest lashes in the world, and the camera doesn't seem to pick up most of them, so they're looking pretty sad here!!

Eldora C107 lashes.

In the tray I thought they looked a big longer than I'd usually go for, but I love these when they're on.

I applied them with the lash glue they came with and was a bit suprised to see that it came out blue! It dries pretty clear though and I didn't have to correct any big mess ups.

I'd wear these in the day time as they give me volume and length without looking too over the top. I put these on quite quickly and they look lovely! I could see myself popping these on if I wanted to in the morning without too much effort.

Once I had these on they felt light and I didn't even notice them after a while, just what I want in a pair of false lashes.

They give my flirty beautiful lashes!!

Eldora B131 Lashes

These are the most dramatic lashes of the bunch and I would only ever wear these on a night out.
They were a little bit more tricky to apply simply because its a thicker strip of lashes, but they still weren't a major problem to apply, I did apply them a little wonky though, so it wasn't the lashes fault!!

These are a lot fuller and a lot more dramatic and they did feel a lot heavier on, but hey, you have to suffer to look beautiful!

They gave me amazing fluttery eyelashes but I didn't feel too "drag" in them, so these get a major thumbs up!!

They were fully stuck on but my less than flawless application meant that the inner corner looks a little unstuck, but they were securely glued on!!

I'm very impressed with Eldora and for the price I don't think you can beat it.

These two pairs were from the Criss Cross Smoky Lash Set.

You get a set of four lashes (C105, C107, C143 and B131) for £9.50 which I think is amazing considering you'd usually pay £8.50 for one pair of MAC Lashes.

Eldora are currently free delivery on all UK purchases and International purchases over £20.00 so you have no excuse! Make Up Artists also get a discount.

If you want more information on Eldora lashes visit

Overall I am very impressed with these lashes and I'm excited to use them over and over!!

Lots of Love, Laura xxx


  1. These lashes look lovely especially the last set x

  2. wow the 2nd set of lashes is definite va-va-voom but still looks natural. Great pick!

  3. Love the last pair.
    I would love to wear falsies, but I need to invest in a good glue first :( x


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